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Novibelo - a benchmark company when it comes to furniture design

Located in Paredes, in northern Portugal, Novibelo is a benchmark company when it comes to planning, designing and assembling all types of custom-made furniture for housing, and selling hotel equipment.

Since 2007, when the company was founded, it has stood out not only for its impressive ability to meet market demand in terms of furniture design, production and assembly, but also for the exceptional creativity witnessed at the company, and rigour with which projects are carried out.

Scattered all over the world, Novibelo designs excel thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and finishes used and the experience and know-how of the people who make up our teams, all combined with the latest technologies. Our ability to respond to an immediate need also adds value beyond measure.


The company’s main objective is to have happy customers, which is why we are always ready to embrace new challenges, making our products stand out for both their quality and design, as well as for the fully customised processes used to make them.


Novibelo plans to consolidate its position both in Portugal and abroad, as we strive to be recognised for the unique nature of our designs, which we then turn into a reality.


A strong sense of creativity, high levels of competence, complete dedication and respect are values that Novibelo values more highly than any others.

Defining moments

Momentos marcantes

The Inauguration of Novibelo

Novibelo - Indústria de Mobiliário, Unipessoal was founded in 2007 in Paredes, northern Portugal. Since then, the company has stood out thanks to the methods used to manufacture home furniture and hospital equipment and provide interior design services, exporting all of our creations around the world.


Construction work began on our new premises

Novibelo, represented by its CEO, Manuel Ferreira, signed an investment agreement with the City Council of Paredes, which will bring many jobs to the municipality. Once the agreement had been signed, on the 22nd December, construction work began on the new premises.


Laying the first stone

The laying of the first stone, on the 24th January 2017, was presided over by the Hon. Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, making it a new milestone in the company's history.


Novibelo's 10th Anniversary Celebrations

The company's 10th anniversary was celebrated on the 13th September 2017, a celebration of 10 years filled with experiences, shared moments, combined growth and professional achievements, all of which we are very proud of. The quality and sense of innovation inherent in the numerous projects carried out over the last decade have made Novibelo a benchmark company in the furniture sector.


Partnership with Eichholtz

The 26th October 2017 marked the start of Novibelo's partnership with Eichholtz, a prestigious Dutch furniture, lighting and accessories brand which is recognised on a global scale.


The inauguration of Novibelo's new installations

The 12th March 2018 marked the inauguration of Novibelo's new, 6000m², building, which includes a Bioenergetic Plant and a magnificent showroom, ideal for showcasing both our own work and that of the brands we represent.


PME Líder 2018 and PME Excelência 2018

All the commitment, hard work and dedication over the years has been recognized, culminating in the rise of Novibelo to PME Líder 2018 and PME Excelência 2018.


Novibelo Furniture Collection Launch

The end of 2019 was marked by the launch of the long-awaited Novibelo furniture collection, an old dream come true that aims to mark the new era the company is now entering.


PME Líder 2019

For the second year in a row, Novibelo has received the status of PME Líder 2019.


Our team

Novibelo stands out, more than anything else, for the competent nature, experience and dedication of the professionals working here. Our teams are motivated and work hard every day to do more and better. They throw all their efforts and energy into every single project, making each one unique and incomparable.