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Integrated environments, a trend that is here to stay

Integrated environments, a trend that is here to stay

Kitchen and living room
One of the trends that is followed and commonly used by interior designers and architects around the world, has to do with the concept of integrated environments, whenever they want to give a modernity design and amplitude to certain rooms of a house.

This is a trend that combines several environments within the same space in a house. The removal of certain dividing walls has been a common feature for those who want a modern, versatile and above all functional concept.

Although this trend is widely used in the layout of small houses, nowadays it is equally present in larger houses. Regardless of the environments that you want to combine, there are however details, such as habits, daily routines as well as the number of people who will enjoy them that need to be taken into account. The prior definition of the style that you want is also particularly relevant, so that the environments in question are in perfect harmony.

Here are some of the most common integrated environments.

Kitchen and Laundry

In smaller houses it is crucial to optimize the space. To be able to join the kitchen and the laundry, you can place subtle dividers, such as traditional glass doors or elegant decorative panels, which delimit but do not completely close off the space.



Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen has long been the highlight of any house, no longer being a secluded, hidden room. The integration of this space with the dining room has become an excellent option for those who receive many visitors. There is nothing more practical than having the kitchen near the dining area.

Here, in order to to ensure the functionality of the entire space, it is important to have a good design, select appropriate and quality furniture and appliances, as they will stand out in terms of decoration.



Living Room and Bedroom

For those who have a very small apartment, this can be a good way to organize and make the most of the available space. Besides giving more amplitude to the space, it can also make it even more practical. In this case, you should choose furniture which is versatile and functional, and the decoration should contribute to the harmony of the space.



Bedroom and Bathroom, Closet or Home Office

The bedroom is considered by many to be the special “corner” in a home, and depending on the total area available, a bathroom, a closet or even a home office can be added to it. Any of these options should unify the room, and they can be seperated by using panels, glass or furniture, keeping their functionality in mind. It is therefore necessary to take into account the correct and most appropriate positioning of all the furniture in order to ensure the privacy of each of the spaces. Therefore, it is always a good option to have versatile and dual-function furniture such as a panel, which aside from separating spaces, can hold the TV, and have shelves and/or drawers.



In fact, there are many advantages associated to this trend: functionality, organization and versatility. This means that, not only is the space optimized but it also allows those who use it to socialize and interact more!

However, if you want to give your home a new life, it is extremely important to hire professionals who can design what you have idealized. This includes the selection of quality raw materials and the best finishes, as well as advice on the most appropriate design for the space in question. In this sense, Novibelo is the ideal partner, as it has a competent and experienced team that will help you make the best decisions when idealizing or renovating your home.

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