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How to design furniture for a commercial space?

How to design furniture for a commercial space?

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The layout of the furniture in a commercial space is essential to the success of a business. Entering a store is going through an experience, so it should be enjoyable, leading customers to return, which is, in fact, the main objective of all companies. In this sense, everything should be thought of in detail.

Organising the space

The first step is related to finding the exact space available and how to adapt it to the type of business that will emerge there. A perfumery and clothing store certainly require a different layout. The clothing store needs dressing rooms, while the perfumery seeks to use the space for a larger product demonstration. It is also important to consider customer movement around the store. For example, those who wait to pay cannot block who is looking at the products. Thus, it is essential to think about all the space so that there is total harmony.

Custom design

It is at this stage that expert help is crucial. Designing, budgeting, drawing, producing and assembling the furniture are fundamental factors for a design of excellence in any commercial space. Having experienced partners is a guarantee that the investment made will be carried out by professionals in the field. Thus, the decoration of the space, the brand identity and the type of business will always be factors to consider, as well as the trends themselves. Currently, minimalist spaces prevail over the excessively decorated spaces, for instance.

Choosing furniture

A predefined design also plays a relevant role. That is why furniture should neither be bought nor arranged randomly. The shelves where the products will be exhibited, for example, should be suitable for them. Additionally, the space where the payment is made should be functional. Rest areas should be included and occupied with comfortable sofas or armchairs, not taking up too much space. The furniture design should reflect brand values. A children’s store should have brightly coloured furniture with simpler lines; a clothing store for adults, however, should focus on more modern and darker furniture. Producing custom-made furniture will always be a guarantee that design and brand values will be respected.

The power of a storefront

What you see outside a store should represent what is inside. The display of the most important products is usually in the store window. Thus, it is essential that the furniture used for their display be custom-made and at the same time versatile to allow different detail configurations.

The importance of lighting

A shady, dim-lit store may make customers uncomfortable. If it is a street store, the natural lighting, combined with the lamps, will be fundamental to focus on products that you most want to highlight, while making it a more pleasant and cosy place. On the other hand, a store in a shopping centre requires another type of planning in terms of lighting. Choosing between warmer or cooler shades of light is one of the factors that determines the space’s personality and environmentally friendly lamps should always be used.

The opening of a commercial space requires a large investment. Therefore, it is essential that you have an experienced partner that co-operates with you and gets involved in both the planning process as well as decoration of the environment itself. Novibelo is a company that has long been dedicated to the production and assembly of custom furniture, thus becoming the ideal partner for any type of project, not only because it used quality raw materials, but also because it offers the best and most varied types of finishes.