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Distinction and professionalism in the furniture sector | Business Portugal Magazine

Distinction and professionalism in the furniture sector | Business Portugal Magazine

Novibelo, a company headquartered in Paredes, is currently a project with 12 years of history and distinction in the sector of the furniture industry. It is recognized for its production capacity, design and assembly of residential furniture and hotel equipment. Business Portugal Magazine spoke to CEO Manuel Ferreira, who revealed the company’s track record to date.


Founded on 13th September of 2007, Novibelo is a company that seeks to develop, create and innovate each project that it embraces. Its core business is project-based work, which is designed for professional customers who work in the residential and contract area. For this purpose, it establishes important partnerships, thus enhancing the service it provides to the customer. As the CEO refers: “This cooperation between companies allows us to work on each project in its different stages and in a more individualized way.”

The Essence of Novibelo

Professionalism, integrity, responsibility, innovation and creativity are some of the values that Novibelo encourages, not only giving priority to the well-being of its customers but also its employees’ well-being. “I normally say that my teams are the best and I make it a point of keeping a close relationship with all the employees. This allows me to keep the whole team motivated and perpetuate the values that I want to see spread within the company. We are not just a team, we are a family”, stated the CEO. When asked about the company’s project, Manuel Ferreira clarified that it has been 12 years of a modern, avant-garde and efficient project, mainly directed to professional entities. Currently, the company has about 57 professionals specialized in different areas, in order  to be able to take on any type of project and respond to all the requests from the most varied customers. “Only a multidisciplinary and well-structured team enables us to have the capacity to provide immediate and effective responses to the various customers”, he states. Manuel Ferreira feels confident with the work developed and with their corporate attitude in the market. The focus on human resources, as well as on the infrastructures and cutting-edge machinery, enable Novibelo to operate and fulfil all the goals and challenges which they face in the furniture sector: “Any office of architecture or decoration, anywhere in the world, idealizes and designs a piece of furniture, and Novibelo has the capacity to produce it from the beginning to the end!” he states with pride.


Novibelo around the world

Due to its strong growth, the company currently exports to 14 countries, namely Spain, France, Italy, England, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Cyprus, Canada, Angola, Dubai and Israel. “This geographic expansion is the result of a progressive work by the whole team, from the contact with the customer to maintaining the high quality standards. The opening of new markets consequently brings with it new challenges, new concepts, and we have been able to acquire very positive learnings from this underlying cultural diversity”, said Manuel Ferreira. From all the work carried out, the CEO highlights the remodelling project of all the National Bank of Angola’s headquarters and, more recently, the signing of a contract for the renovation of the branches of a banking institution in Israel, which are imposing projects that distinguish the company. Currently the company has several customers at a national level, but exports have also been substantial, accounting for about 70% of its turnover.

SME Excellence Award

The professionalism and the quality of the service they provide in each challenge have resulted in the recognition of the company at the national level with the SME Excellence Award. “We were considered a brand with merit for its growth. It was a reward for all the team’s work and effort, “he stated with pride. The CEO of Novibelo is satisfied with the results that the company has achieved and aims to be a reference company in the furniture sector, both at a national and international level. Novibelo wants to be recognized “not only as the best option for customers and employees, but also for the quality of its products, solutions and relations with suppliers,” explains Manuel Ferreira.

Novibelo is also concerned with the marketing of its brand and, therefore, has a website with a modern layout, where you can find all the work that the company has developed. This emerges as a way to ensure the proximity between the company and its customers, and to follow the new trends in the digital world. In the future, the company intends to continue investing in its growth and new innovation capabilities. “The difficult part is not to reach the top, the difficult part is to stay on top. The companies’ growth, creativity and innovation is important, but everything has to be well planned in order to maintain and consolidate the stability and sustainability of Novibelo, “concludes CEO Manuel Ferreira.

Interview present in Business Portugal Magazine, a supplement of Público.