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Office furniture: because functionality makes all the difference!

Office furniture: because functionality makes all the difference!

In fact, those who work in an office every day easily realize that it is much more than a workplace!

If, on the one hand, it should be a comfortable and welcoming space, on the other hand, it must reflect the identity and professionalism of the company in question. That is the reason why the choice of prime raw materials, that is, of quality and resistant, are of extreme importance.

Depending on the taste and the budget previously set, there are several types of wood and finishes to choose from. Therefore, MDF and Agglomerated, lacquered, veneers, melamine and thermolaminated, with matt or high gloss finishes, are just some of the options available.

It is very important to also take into account the size of the space, so that all the furniture to be included has the correct measurements for the placement of what is intended, namely computers, keyboards and printers, among others.

If the design and functionality of all office furniture is essential, its low maintenance and proper preservation should never be neglected. In this way, the excessive weight and heat, direct contact with liquids and moisture should be avoided, as it should not be directly exposed to sunlight so that there is no change in its original colour.

Whether it’s for offices, meeting rooms or common work spaces, the selection of the most suitable furniture is preponderant. Hence, there is the need to think very carefully of the desks, chairs and shelves, cabinets and drawers, meeting or support tables, including the creation of space-dividing partitions or the furniture for the reception. Details such as cable runs, technical gutters, locks, tic-tac or handle doors, plug connections with USB and RJ45 inputs can make all the difference, making the space more functional and aesthetically appealing.

Combining versatility and functionality, comfort and design with quality can indeed become a real challenge. It is therefore imperative to choose a reliable supplier and of reference in the market. Novibelo has long been distinguished by its great ability to design different lines of furniture, with excellent and experienced professionals perfectly capable of designing, producing and assembling office-specific furniture, thus taking advantage of every inch in any space!

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