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The Modern Style; simplicity and functionality above all!

The Modern Style; simplicity and functionality above all!

living room modern style

Having come about in the first half of the 20th century, the modern style can be easily adapted to any type of environment, regardless of the size of the space, being characterised by its simplicity and functionality.

Following the simple rule of “less is more”, this style can often be mistaken for another style; minimalist. There are, however, differences between the two, the main one being that modern décor will incorporate more colours and decorative elements than minimalist.

Learn more about some intrinsic features of this style in order to create modern, elegant and, above all, functional decor!


Furniture and decorative elements

The furniture used to create a modern style can be characterised, above all, by their straight lines and smooth, often black, surfaces, or by the use of shiny white lacquers. In addition to wood, the other widely used materials favoured by architects and designers alike are chrome-plated stainless steel, which can often be seen on chair, sofa and armchair feet, and legs, as well as glass and leather, used for details that integrate beautifully into the style.

Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, shelves and cupboards are almost always built-in, emphasising their functionality and practicality. Decorative pieces must be chosen carefully so as to avoid overfilling the space.

kitchen modern style



Black, grey, white, brown and beige are unavoidable as they contrast discreetly with notes of blue, green, red or yellow. How much of each you use, however, all comes down to your own personal taste!

living and dining room modern style


Textiles and lighting

When it comes to your textiles, sober, smooth or only lightly patterned fabrics should predominate. Lighting, on the other hand, plays a key role. Any room decorated in a modern style should be very bright, whether this lighting is brought in naturally or artificially. Any technology you work into your décor should look like it is perfectly integrated into the decoration itself, made up of simple lines, the end goal being to make your space more comfortable.

textiles modern style


Whether indoors or outdoors, this style appeals easily to anyone who might come across it, because it is visually organised, but mainly because of its functionality. If you want modern, made to measure furniture to meet all your wants and needs, Novibelo is the perfect partner to design your project.
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