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The living room: a single space, a diverse environment

The living room: a single space, a diverse environment

The traditional living room, that until relatively recently was only used to receive guests, is an out-dated concept today. Nowadays, it is a space where people live a variety of family moments. Whether to socialise, have dinner, read, play games, or even, for those who have small children, play, its use is quite diverse.

In this way, given the diversity of environments concentrated into one single space, the word “functional” assumes particular importance here, especially when you think of the decorative side. The choice of versatile furniture, that is easily adaptable, is fundamental.

Space and number of people

Above everything else, it is necessary to tailor the furniture to the space available and the number of people that will use it. If the area is small, the furniture will also have to be smaller, therefore, it is essential that it is more functional. In turn, if it is a more “generous” space, then you can opt for a larger number of pieces of furniture, as long as they are functional and appropriate for the uses that the living room is going to have.

Another aspect that you should take into consideration is the space available to move around. If the area around the table should always be a minimum of a metre, the remaining area should allow people to move around without obstacles between the different environments.

The use of a living room is not limited to the number of people who live in the house. It is important to bear in mind that you will have visitors, for this reason all of the furniture, namely sofas, chairs and table will have to be carefully chosen.

Dining area

An area dedicated to dining is something common to nearly all living rooms. The table should be proportional to the space in question, while the chairs should be ergonomic and comfortable, allowing for the correct spinal posture. Whoever sits there should not hit the table top with their legs.

Whether for the table or for the chairs, all the primary materials should be carefully chosen: wood, glass, a combination of other materials, such as stainless steel or others, help to define the style that you are looking for.

As for the chairs, these should be covered in easily washable materials, especially if you have children, as the probability of getting them dirty or making marks on them is much higher.

The side furniture, which is also extremely useful for storing crockery, cutlery, tablecloths or glasses, should also be versatile and multifunctional. So, depending on the space available, you could decide on a number of pieces of furniture to decorate your living room, namely, a china cabinet, a sideboard, a drinks trolley, or other things.

The living area

A big sofa or a set of sofas? Once again, the answer is very dependent on the space available. Even though it is smaller, a set of sofas can occupy more space than a big one. On the other hand, it is easier to redecorate the space with a set of sofas, which allows for a living room which is more functional and adaptable depending on the people who will use it.

Pouffes, a favourite of both children and adults, are, in the same way, a great option, as they can easily be put away if you need more space. Sofa chairs are also an excellent alternative. As well as being functional they are extremely comfortable, allowing you to spend hours watching television or reading a book.

Do the children play a lot in the living room? If so, a multifunctional side table will always be welcome, as it could equally be used for games or for visitors. This should, preferably, be round, which is less dangerous for the little ones, as well as occupying less space.

Television, consoles, computers and tablets have been a part of the decoration of a living room for some time. Having a piece of furniture which could store all of these appliances is imperative therefore.

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