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Learn about the architecture and design trends

Learn about the architecture and design trends

The current society is facing a digital age where there are major changes in architecture and design. New technologies and social networks have brought designers closer together with trends in architecture and interior design, thus increasing their inspiration and innovation for new projects.

Instagram, for example, allows users to find visual trends regarding the shape, colour and type of furniture, making this information easily accessible, directing them to practical and conceptual knowledge. In this way, this social network has become an important source of research for new concepts, inspirations and realities.

The era of customization

The evolution of the digital world has made consumers more aware, more knowledgeable and willing to pay for customized products according to their needs. In a study conducted by the Architectural Digest magazine, it is mentioned that half of the architects interviewed can produce pieces which are unique and customized to the client’s taste.

This way, the increase of the digital market allowed for the spread of information and ideas that help the process of innovation, creativity and design speed, both in the area of interior design as in the design of furniture.

The Digital Era

It is well known that in this area of business, architects and interior designers visit and buy raw materials from factories. However, the digital world has allowed for them to have faster and simpler access to company information, as well as to the products they commercialize. In the previously mentioned study, it was verified that 61% of architects purchase furniture online, 45% seek clients through digital means and 81% of their clients become acquainted with their brand on the Internet.

Architecture trends for 2019

The designers of 1stdibs, the world’s largest online marketplace for resellers, designers and collectors, state that wood with natural colour and visible pipes, which were the latest trends in architecture of 2018, will no longer be used this year. The sleek and rounded shapes, combined with natural tones, have been more influential in the development of architectural projects. Thus, the incorporation of nature in the building of houses, for instance, is becoming more frequent, as is the integration of the interior with the exterior.

Another trend is the use of materials and structures that help to warm the area and, consequently, contribute to the reduction of the use of natural resources for the same purpose. In relation to colours, 1stdibs refers that the use of neutral colours for interiors is decreasing, and ever more people seek warm and bright tones.

Many architects suggest that, in 2019, light colours or pastel tones originating from purple should be used, so as to convey the strength and vibration of this colour. With regard to furniture, architects tend to seek those that derive from renewable raw materials and customized accordingly to the client’s needs, in order to create unique projects.

Source: Custom Furniture, Online Sourcing, and Bold Colors Among Design Trends for 2019, According to 1stdibs’ Trend Survey – Architectural Digest.