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Tables and chairs: what are the best combinations of materials for the dining area?

Tables and chairs: what are the best combinations of materials for the dining area?

Whether it´s for the dining room, the kitchen or an area especially for socialising that you have in the house, a good table and some comfortable chairs are essential!
Independent of the style and the great variety of materials available, wood is still in fashion, both for its versatility and durability, and also for its unrivalled beauty. In this way, tables and chairs, made of this primary material, can, in fact, be things that you can use to differentiate areas, capable of distinguishing a specific environment.
The choice of the shape of the table, as well as the chairs, is crucial, regardless of the space that they are intended for and their respective sizes. Round, square or rectangular, your taste is what is most important!
Below are some styles, highlighting the ideal combination of tables and chairs for the dining area.

Rustic style


If you prefer a more rustic style, this is the best for rural environments, with wood as the prominent primary material. You can, therefore, opt for more sober colours, making the space in question more comfortable and welcoming. Here, a wooden table can take on an important role, especially if it is complimented by chairs or stools of the same tone or in wicker. If you prefer, you can create contrasts, using livelier colours.

Contemporary style


In this style, wood can be combined with other materials, namely glass and stainless steel, elegantly mixed with colourful upholstered chairs, that are smooth, patterned or with geometrical designs. The use of acrylic chairs could also be a good choice, as it gives the space a lighter air.
A mixture of rustic with modern can be an excellent option, giving it more personality.

Minimalist style


This style is characterized by its simplicity and harmony, in which less is more, or rather, a lot of decorative articles are not necessary, and the furniture has straighter lines and smoother surfaces.
Wood is also a primary material you can choose here, because it is cosier. The combinations are varied: you can use a wooden table with chairs made from the same material, or you can opt for more daring type of chair, using different models and colours. You just need to give your imagination wings!

The colours of the walls, decorative objects and rugs should also be taken into consideration, because it is thanks to their harmonious combination that all of the space becomes more beautiful and pleasant.
Although considered to be a fairly resistant primary material, like any other material it needs some care, which will contribute significantly to its maintenance. Therefore, it is advisable to wipe off the existing dust with a soft dry cloth. For a deeper clean, you can use a damp cloth, which has been well wrung out, and straight after that, a dry one. Never use abrasive products, as they damage the wood.
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