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Boiserie: an exquisite technique for your walls

Boiserie: an exquisite technique for your walls

Boiserie: uma técnica requintada para as suas paredes

Boiserie first came about in France under the influence of the artistic movement that became known as Rococo in the 17th and 18th centuries. At the time, boiserie consisted of lining walls with wood, therefore operating as both a thermal insulator and to add luxurious embellishments to walls and ceilings.

The technique has since been reinvented using materials other than wood, incorporating elements used in both classic and contemporary styles. This combination has thus produced a huge variety of décors, all of which are sure to have a glamorous appeal.

For those who love adding impressive details when it comes to decorating their walls, boiserie is the perfect way to add a special charm in a variety of ways, regardless of which room its used in. In many cases, boiserie works as a type of wallpaper.

A more refined, classic technique, it should be used in moderation, taking the rest of the decoration into account so that you don’t overload the space. Always bear in mind that the most important aspect to consider is whether the décor you’ve put together is harmonious on the whole.

To create a surprising decorative effect using boiserie, bear the following points in mind…
  • First of all, it is important you note the difference between boiserie and panelling. The first is framing built into walls with the aim of enriching the decoration of a room; the other is wooden panels glued to the wall.
  • Before opting to include boiserie in your design, you should check the height of your ceilings. If your house has low ceilings, it would be best to choose another decorative effect.
  • This is a technique that should be used sparingly. It should be limited to use on one wall and not infringe too much on the room as a whole.
  • A boiserie effect can be constructed out of plaster, cement or polyurethane as well as your classic wood. The material you choose won’t affect the final boiserie effect created. What you can mould to your taste is the colour and shape visible on the wall.

This technique can be easily used harmoniously as a part of a variety of decorative styles, bringing a sense of refinement and unique personality to any room. If you want to add boiserie to your decoration, Novibelo is the perfect partner for your project.

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