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Classic – a style that never goes out of fashion…

Classic – a style that never goes out of fashion…

A style that dates back to classical antiquity, when architecture was synonymous with beauty and wealth, this is an everlasting style that will never go out of fashion. Of all the decorative styles, classic is one that stands out for its timelessness and refinement, which translates into rooms filled with sophistication and comfort.
Whether it’s used for architecture or furniture, for decorative pieces, walls or ceilings, any lines in your décor must always be filled with detail. If you’re a lover of all things classical, find out more about the style below.


Classic style furniture either is old or looks old and can be characterised by its sense of grandeur. Ever refined, these pieces of furniture stand out thanks to the exquisitely detailed decoration, and when wooden, are most often made out of darker tones of mahogany, cherry and walnut.

Materials and lighting

Marble and metallic accessories are also materials of choice for this style, in addition to dark wood. Wallpaper is also commonly used and is most often patterned. Any lighting used is generally soft, with yellower tones being the most commonly used.


A classic decoration calls for several predominant colours, including black, burgundy, navy blue and emerald green, combined with golden, silver, rust-coloured and light pink elements. To give a room a more refined touch, white, ecru and beige are the perfect choices, as well as varying shades of brown.

Decorative elements

Mirrors, books, busts, candelabras, silk lampshades, crystals, porcelain and silverware are the most commonly found elements in this type of decoration. In fact, they’re often found in pairs to create what is considered one of the most striking features of this style: harmonious symmetry.

Fabrics and rugs

To create a classic style, fabrics should be particularly showy, which means anything from silk to velvet and brocade. The most appropriate fabrics are either plain or have floral patterns. Rugs also play an important role, and should be thick and decorated with a classic pattern made up of various colours.

It is important to add that those looking to create a classic style should be careful, to ensure that they don’t create a look that’s too over the top. Classical décor requires large spaces and high ceilings. If your room is smaller, it might be wiser to add a couple of nods to the style or a statement piece of furniture, mixing these with elements of other styles. The secret is to create a balance and, whenever possible, visual symmetry.

When decorating using a classic style, the quality of the furniture and the finishes used are of paramount importance. For fans of this decorative style, Novibelo’s professionals are specialised in both designing and assembling all types of furniture, helping you select the best raw materials and accessories to meet your needs.

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