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Rustic style; perfect harmony between comfort and nature!

Rustic style; perfect harmony between comfort and nature!

Rustic style

A style linked very closely to simplicity and natural elements, rustic style décor will never go out of fashion and is widely used to decorate anything from houses to shops and hotels, as well as for open spaces like gardens, porches and balconies.  Whether applied indoors or outdoors, it is sure to always be a harmonious culmination of nature, comfort and tranquillity.

If you’re passionate about this unique style, remember you don’t have to live in the country to be able to apply it to one or more rooms in your house. Here are some details you can’t miss if you plan on giving your home its own naturally surprising decoration!

Raw materials and predominant colours

Wood is the raw material of choice when it comes to creating a rustic style. Used for furniture, floors, doors, walls and ceilings thanks to the natural look it provides, it’s all the better when it has particularly visible knots and veins. Including other natural elements, such as plants, tree bark, branches and dry leaves, can also be an excellent addition.

While brick and stone can frequently be spotted on walls, another very versatile material – burnt cement – is also often used on floors, walls and countertops.  Iron detailing on lamps and bench and chair feet fit perfectly into the rest of the décor, as does leather when used on sofas or rugs.

When this timeless style is used to decorate spaces, what is most notable about them is the predominance of light, neutral colours such as white, beige, brown and grey, as these look good with just about any other feature.

Furniture, decorative details and lighting

This style calls for more organic and usually less daring features, though they can still be very elegant and welcoming. There’s no better option than to use wooden furniture (as much as possible!), whether on tables, sofas or armchairs. If some of these pieces have imperfections, are visibly worn or old, it works well to mix them with new pieces or even other decorative styles.   They’re sure to create a fantastic look!

Natural materials like leather, wool, bamboo, cork, fabrics and brass, as well fur or leather tapestries, can prove to be key elements that really bring something special to your décor, giving it personality and that special finishing touch.

Without, of course, forgetting about lighting – a detail that can never be taken for granted in any design project, as it has the power to transform any room.

This style is characterised by its comfortable, seemingly carefree look, which is created from textured pieces that are neither finished nor polished, looking exquisite when mixed with pieces plucked from other styles (from modern to minimalist or industrial). If you’re looking to decorate using this style, Novibelo has the best professionals to help you with your design.
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