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Novibelo: entrepreneurship, design and innovation

Novibelo: entrepreneurship, design and innovation

Having broken into the market 13 years ago, Novibelo is known for its strong entrepreneurial spirit, labelled the benchmark company when it comes to designing all types of residential and contract furniture.

With a keen eye trained on market evolution and trends from the very beginning, the company has grown, bringing about specific changes from its facilities to the creation of its own label, the Novibelo Collection, and even establishing of an important partnership with Eichholtz, a Dutch luxury furniture and decorative accessories brand.

As a means through which to serve both Portuguese or foreign clients, Novibelo has long been exporting to several countries, including Dubai, the USA, England, Israel and Italy, among others. This work has included developing unique projects with distinctive aesthetics that stand out thanks to the personalised service and suggestions of raw materials and finishes provided by a specialised, experienced team.

As interior décor has gained popularity, both among industry professionals and amateurs, Novibelo has become much more than a company that produces furniture.  Our projects reflect lifestyles, ideals and trends, transforming spaces while meeting the needs of each client.

Clients nowadays, and the general public, have higher expectations than ever before, valuing luxury designs ever more highly. This has resulted in the demand for distinct, exquisite pieces seeing exponential growth. In fact, more and more individuals and companies are investing in these types of articles for their homes and businesses – an excellent opportunity for Novibelo to show off the high levels of originality and rigour in all our projects.

We’ve been hearing a lot about living in the digital age recently, something Novibelo has been particularly attentive to, as we have also become more digitally oriented over the years. This has included taking advantage of the visibility and benefits of various social media platforms and investing in developing a new website, that is both more modern and more responsive, to showcase projects and our collection. Doing so has given the company a platform through which clients can get to know the company better, along with the team, the quality of our work and the creativity behind designing fully personalised furniture.

If what you desire is a unique, tailor-made project, Novibelo is the perfect partner for you thanks to its competent, multidisciplinary team and a wide variety of products, which guarantee you’ll get truly personalised service from start to finish.

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